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[EN] Biomass System!

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Biomass System Guide


>The Biomass (Biomasa in spanish) is a system where you can "Convert items into Biomass Coins (BA)" which can be used to get almost any upgrade item in the Biomass store.


First, we need to open the Biomass window from our inventory. Is the second button (from bottom to top) 

As you can see in this next gif:






In the store, you will find all the upgrade items from level 80 to level 400 (no dungeons). The cost may vary between 50 BA and 300 BA. As you can see it in the next image:







—Yes, Sativo was putting it pretty nice, uh? But how can you get Biomass Coins (BA) so you can buy?




Well, in order to obtain BA, you must recycle items. Upgrade items from any level will give you BA, but also the energy crystal (Cristal de Energia), that has a value of 1:1 (meaning 1 crystal:1 BA). You need to arrange the item you want to recycle into the Biomass window's green icon. NOTE: YOU WILL LOSE THE ITEM.









*The energy cristal is used as a reference, for three reasons:


1.- Is an item very easy to get.
2.- As I said, 1 energy crystal equals to 1 Biomass Coin (BA).
3.-Not all items will give you BA.



You can also use Dragon Crystal (Cristal Dragon) to get BA.


Thanks to the original creator of the guide, the [GM]Sativo. I just translated it, but all the content and images are from him.



—Angel2 Staff.

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